About Us

QLD Used Car Sales has been buying and selling cars for over thirty years.

You could say we’ve grown up with the Queensland Car Industry. When we started the business in the early 1980s, Australia was at the peak of local car production, and passenger car sales dominated the market. While most cars are now produced off-shore, there’s an even wider choice of vehicles in the Australian used car market today.

In recent years, a vast number of Australians have been searching for the best-priced SUV. And, of course, now they can do that online. No matter your preference, we’ll have a quality vehicle in the yard. If you’re selling your car, come and see us, we have your market!

Our Team

The QLD Used Car Sales Dealership may have been in business for thirty years, but we’re not resting on our reputation. We go above and beyond to ensure we’ll be in business for another thirty years. We know that the way to do this is to keep providing honest customer service.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always on-hand to offer advice to our customers. Many people come in with a make or model in mind. While we always accommodate these preferences if we can, we find that being flexible on these specifications allows our customers to get the features they really need. If there’s something you like about a certain make or model, talk to our dealership staff about the features that appeal to you. They’ll consider these, alongside your lifestyle and budget requirements, to show you the full range of options. We want you to leave here with a car that ticks all the boxes, at a price that leaves spare change to fill up the petrol tank many times overs!

Our Service

We’re a low-key dealership. What you see, is what you get. You don’t need to know how well we make coffee. You need to test drive a car, make sure it runs smoothly on the road and ensure it has the space you need. These are the things that matter.

Safety matters too. Our trusted auto mechanic thoroughly checks each car before it makes it to the lot. We welcome RACQ inspections. Cars that are less than ten years old and under 160,000 km also come with a three-month or 5,000 km warranty. When you leave our dealership, we don’t disappear. You can call us at any time and know that, after thirty years in business, we’ll be here.

Our commitment is to focus on our skills; to help you find you the right car. However, there are a few added benefits we consider important to our customers. Over many years, we’ve found who we consider to be the best Australian car finance and insurance providers. As such, we collaborate with them to offer you practical finance options, and aftermarket warranties.